I’m not sure how many people have seen this, but it’s quite important if you’re a modder, even if you’re not. 

Some mad genius has finally managed to crack the biggest wall in Skyrim modding, the secret of animation. Want proper spears? Fuck yeah we can have proper spears. Want underwater combat? Fuck yeah we can have underwater combat. 

This won’t completely change the game, but it opens up a huge new avenue of everything. 

Anonymous asked:

the discworld mod maker is so mad at you, I think you legitimately broke him and drove him insane, epecially with all the people calling your fans "minions"

BlackRaven117 Answer:




Times like these I wish I had a drawing of Brhuce drinking out of a cup that says “Nexus tears”.

Either way, since I’ve got minions now you guys are gonna have to get costumes. How do you feel about navy blue?




Fucking beautiful.



Happy Conception Day from the Nanosteam Nanoteam. To celebrate, we give you a little taste of some lore.

The fall of the golden and glorious Guild Ages also saw the rise of the first supercorporations. The early decades of the Post-Guild era would be one of capitalist warfare, sabotage, and relentless commercials. Alliances were made, smaller businesses absorbed, and washing machines sold.

In the end, three sectors would emerge: manufacturing, shipping, and produce. Each sector would be, for the most part, separate, pursuing their own capitalist discipline without overstepping into the territory of the other two. 

Within each sector though, the battle is far from over. Hundreds of corporations, super and not, fight for power and money, all attempting to become the alpha corporation of their respective area. There have emerged three champions of this arena, the so-called “Big Three”, who have maintained an iron grip on the top spots for a century.

The first, the king of manufacturing, is Synthetic Engineering, often simply called SytE. Italian based and technology focused, SytE was born out of the technological powerhouses that took up shop in the post-Rearrange Mediterranean. While their counterparts are no less ruthless, SytE is noted for being the most open about their position, though with the recent scandal, it seems the leadership has changed, and they’ve begun to adopt a more discrete way of dealing with things.

Across the Void Divide, in the factory cities of Asia Major, lies the shipping and vehicular company of Tricontinental Transcontinental, often simply called TriCon. A villain with good publicity, TriCon’s public image is a stark contrast to the hyperviolent covert wars they wage on everyone who refuses to sell to them. Recently, they’ve set their sights on the last roadblock to their near total control of the shipping, the staunch traditionalists of the infuriatingly independently owned Tarsan City Railroad.

Finally, alongside what remains of the Great Lakes, built on the remnants of an old amusement park, lies the technological wonderland headquarters of Optimal Performance. A food and pharmaceutical company, OP is oddly nonviolent, relying on a good reputation, high wages, out-of-sector alliances, and shitloads of bribery to remain as the top producer of produce. But their family friendly image is far from the truth, and deep beneath their artifical island of Welkin, strange experiments take place, and everyone on the internet knows that they dump the failures of these into the lakes and oceans. Those giant shrimp that blow up passing ships are totally theirs.

Despite their ruthlessness in the corporate world, the Big Three have limited interest in political power. As it seems, if a corporation tries to tell the average joe they’re taking over the world, he’ll just stop buying their products, and if that happens, they’re prime bait for all the companies below them.

For those wondering, some more background info on SytE/the other three major corporations in Nanosteam.


Interface improvements! 
There’s a little startup animation that plays as your interface wakes up and gets breakfest.

In addition, there’s now a working options menu.

And the best part, the player can now rearrange their interface, because let’s face it you fucks would have never been happy no matter how I positioned it, so I’m letting you choose.


Guys it’s really important during this whole ferguson protest that we as social media DO NOT back down until punishment is dealt to those racists. If we let this movement die, then the oppressors win. I’ve seen stuff like this before and the majority of people stop posting about it within a week. We can’t let that happen, this is too important. so keep reblogging and keep posting until these darn racists are punished for their awful inhumane actions.

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